The Race

The race to be better has the same

starting line every morning. Finish line

and obstacles change daily, sometimes by the hour.

The terrain of life provides challenges

beyond any wild imagination.

Jumping over toddlers, sliding down steep

marital slopes and climbing the literal career ladder, just

to name a few. Training is every day. Same Time.

Different Places. Every day you train, along with the races.

Sometimes simultaneously, sometimes back to back. One truth remains,

There is no time for slack.


No time for losers, slackers or even the occasional lazy day.

Life moves on. The racers charge full force into the great

unknown, ready to knock you over, set the toddler to the side into

a new realm of safety and climb that career ladder while stepping

firmly on your perfectly coifed bun. Telling you that this just isn’t your time.

Maybe next time. Maybe never. Who knows? You should have tried harder,

trained better, taught more to others or simply been someone else.

Love wasn’t yours to obtain. Family was not in your future. Picket fences, dogs,

and babies never came your way. Well, chin up buttercup,

Life is not for the weak. The race continues on. With you.

Without you.